Introducing advanced technology with sustainability at its core.

Set your sights on QuadCore® Technology, the superior insulated metal panel system designed to reduce your project’s carbon footprint while delivering unrivaled thermal performance, exceptional fire protection and unmatched health and wellness certification.

QuadCore® Technology by Kingspan is the next generation of self-blended hybrid insulation core for insulated metal panels. When compared in a recent study to other wall assemblies, QuadCore® panels reduce embodied carbon by up to 28%, saving on your project’s total carbon footprint.

It’s All in the Gray Cells

In addition to leading the way in sustainability and overall carbon footprint reduction, QuadCore® Technology offers the global industry’s highest combined performance, delivering:

  • Class-leading R-value of R-8.0 per inch for unrivaled thermal performance
  • Superior fire protection with an 85% lower smoke developed index and a >968F ignition temperature
  • An unmatched range of trusted health and wellness certifications
  • The industry’s longest thermal performance warranty that offers 30 years of protection

Download the QuadCore® Technology brochure for additional information.

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Sustainable Beyond the Surface

With less embodied carbon than other wall assemblies, Kingspan QuadCore® insulated metal panels (IMPs) help reduce the overall carbon footprint of new construction. Watch our video to learn why thoughtful material specification is critical if we want to reduce the embodied carbon in our buildings for the future of our planet.

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